Ken Howe – GoFundMe

Please consider donating to Ken Howe’s GoFundMe account.  Ken is the brother of one of our Board Members, Dave Howe.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

Those of you who know Ken Howe know he is a loving husband of 35 years , a doting father of 3 girls, amazing friend to many , and perfect grandfather to 4 great kiddos. He is our hero to say the least.

He was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer, a cancer he had 3 years ago and was in remission.  With this new diagnosis he was given a prognosis of 18-24 months.  Over the past couple of months his cancer has progressed into his lungs and lymph nodes. This has now made our time with him shorter.  He has stopped chemotherapy because he is so weak; he is now home with the help of Hospice .

Our dad is the strongest and greatest man. He is always willing to do anything for anyone, sarcastic and funny, a friend to every stranger and  treats friends like family. He is the hardest worker and has always provided for us.  He never asks for much of anything and because of this we wanted to help pay for his increasing medical bills.